Feijóo claims "cordial bilingualism" against those who criticize the use of Catalan

Neither with Vox, nor with the independentistas or even the PSOE.

19 September 2022 Monday 11:56
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Feijóo claims "cordial bilingualism" against those who criticize the use of Catalan

Neither with Vox, nor with the independentistas or even the PSOE. The PP represents "moderation and the alternative", and that is why it wants to "transcend the acronym of the PP" to be the reference that the social majority seeks. Alberto Núñez Feijóo moves in a space in which he tries to wink to the right and left, and try that neither Abascal's party on the one hand, nor Pedro Sánchez on the other, prevent him from reaching the majority he intends to win. the elections.

For this reason, yesterday, he sent messages addressed to both of them. To the president of Vox, who was demonstrating in Barcelona, ​​against the fact that Spanish is not a vehicular language, and from Toledo, he had to make it clear that the PP is there, represented by the general secretary, Cuca Gamarra, but not with the same approaches that the ultra-right party, to whom he also made it clear that the PP believes in the Spain of Autonomies.

To make his position on Spanish and Catalan clear, from Toledo, Feijóo said what he would have said in Barcelona, ​​and vindicated the right "to know and use the common language of the state in Catalonia", and with that statement underlined that "everyone those of us who are here are also there”. From the credibility that being Galician gives him, Alberto Núñez Feijóo vindicated “cordial bilingualism”, in the communities that “have the privilege of having two languages”.

A cordial bilingualism that consists of being able to learn the two languages ​​in equal conditions, and then "that each one speak freely in the one they want". But with a warning, "No one has the right to rebel because there are people in Catalonia who want to speak Spanish", the same as "Spaniards have no right to rebel because someone wants to speak Catalan".

Feijóo criticizes the fact that language is used to divide and single out citizens "it is not only illegal, but it is doomed to social and judicial failure", and for this reason he asked "the Catalan and Basque independence supporters to stop imposing their way of thinking" and the PSOE, "return to state policies", and the militancy of the PP, that as long as it is in opposition we will resort to justice, and when we are in government we will use all the tools of the rule of law to achieve knowledge and freedom. A phrase with which he recalls that the PP has taken the Government decree to the Constitutional Court to fail to comply with 25% of classes in Spanish, and the lack of reaction from the Government, which has not appealed to the TC that rule, as a Government.

Feijóo knows, however, that he is in danger of losing social support on the right if they do not maintain a firm position on the use of Spanish in Catalonia, but also that if he leans too far to the right so that Vox does not stop him, the danger of losing votes for the center, on other issues, such as the economic crisis and social measures, and it will be this, the economy, that will make him win or lose the elections.

It is what made him rise in the polls and be the first party at the moment, except in the polls “which remind us that we have not won”, said Feijóo, after the result of his last barometer. For this reason, the message from the president of the PP at the closing of his inter-parliamentary meeting was that "we must aspire to transcend our acronyms" and "recover consensus from long ago", for which it is necessary to "close the stage of Sánchez", combining the urgent with long-term reforms.

And in that sense, the only formula he knows is the one he has been using for five months, that of making proposals, even knowing that Sánchez will insult him for each one of them, Feijóo assured, but that later he will adopt it, making it his own and without recognizing that the he has presented.

That is why yesterday, from Toledo, he made a new proposal to Pedro Sánchez, "negotiating a plan that combines an agreed and responsible income pact and lowering VAT on basic products", so that Spaniards can have a shopping basket cheaper. A plan that tries to be an alternative, he said, "to the latest idea" of the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz.

It is, in short, said Feijóo, of "reuniting people in an exciting project", which consists of "rolling up your sleeves, starting to work and moving the country forward", because whenever you have tried, you have succeeded.



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