Feijóo accuses Sánchez of fueling the 'process' and predicts that the PSC will make Puigdemont president

For the PP, the independence process is alive and dead at the same time, like Schrödinger's famous quantum cat.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
14 May 2024 Tuesday 04:32
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Feijóo accuses Sánchez of fueling the 'process' and predicts that the PSC will make Puigdemont president

For the PP, the independence process is alive and dead at the same time, like Schrödinger's famous quantum cat. For the leader of the party in Catalonia, Alejandro Fernández, he is dead, and this has been shown by the “unappealable verdict” of the polls, but for the president of the party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, he is still alive because the President of the Government needs him that way. , Pedro Sánchez, who has entrusted his future to his alliance with ERC and Junts.

At the doors of the headquarters on Génova Street, Fernández briefly spoke to the press to ensure that the PP of Catalonia will remain “loyal” to the citizens' message and to express his fear of what the PSC, which has not He “captured” that the process has ended with the loss of the absolute majority of the pro-independence forces in the Parliament and will continue “deepening” in that direction.

In his speech before the national executive committee, Feijóo has gone further and has even pointed out the steps that Sánchez will take from now on to remain in power and that once again make Carles Puigdemont a “key actor” in Spanish politics and Catalan after seven years of the unilateral declaration of independence and when its project no longer has the majority support of Catalan citizens.

According to Feijóo, Sánchez is going to hand over the “key” to the governability of Catalonia and Spain to the former president despite having denied that the leader of the PSC, Salvador Illa, winner at the polls with 42 deputies, can hand over the presidency to Puigdemont, second in the race with 35: “We are on the verge of a great deception,” exclaimed the leader of the PP, for whom the President of the Government has no word.

In this sense, he predicted that Sánchez will first deny the pact; second, he will talk about the need for “a stable government and dialogue”, and third, he will present Puigdemont's investiture as an example of “total reconciliation” in Catalonia. “It is impossible to bury the process in Catalonia while it remains alive from the Moncloa,” he summarized.

In any case, that will not happen before the European elections on June 9, which Feijóo has set as the “opportunity” for all Spaniards to show their rejection, as they will also do in the streets of Madrid on May 26 in the demonstration called by the PP against Sánchez, to a “Government held hostage” by the independentists and “surrounded by increasingly serious cases of corruption.”

Today's conclave on Génova Street, attended by the majority of the popular barons, has served to endorse the strategy followed in Catalonia, which has presented the PP as a "center-right model" and the "main reference of constitutionalism." facing a PSOE that, according to Feijóo's analysis, "feeds the most radical options" and "vampirizes its partners", which are the reasons that, the head of the opposition understands, have led the PSC to victory while the option of Alejandro Fernández was nourished by former socialist voters until he multiplied by five his results from three years ago.

In this context, the PP has a lot to "say and decide" in Catalonia from now on, stressed Feijóo, who, after this "spectacular improvement", assumes that it still has pending tasks to achieve its objective, which is to convert its party in a government formation in all the communities of Spain, also in the Basque Country.

To achieve this, the goal has been set to “broaden the base”, “cover the maximum territory” and “capture all possible talent”, and the multiplication of the vote in Catalonia, where the PP has obtained 342,000 votes, its best result in a Catalan regional elections in twelve years, is an “important step”, he has assessed, in that direction: “We have not used shortcuts by saying one thing in the campaign and then doing another”, he has argued to vindicate the “clear conscience” and the “value ethics of truth.”

Regarding the possibilities of the PP reaching an agreement with the PSC similar to the one granted by the mayor of Barcelona to Jaume Collboni, ruled out by Feijóo in his speech before a Sánchez who "laughs at the majority of Spaniards" and leaves In the hands of the Catalan independence movement, the governability of the country when it represents only 6% of the vote, the Andalusian Juanma Moreno, has not definitively closed the door.

Of course, Illa would have to ask for it and it will not be “free”, the president of the Andalusian Government stated before journalists. For Moreno, the “sanitary cordons” and the “social and political contempt” that the PSC has shown towards the PP force the PSC leader, if he wants the support of the popular people, to call Alejandro Fernández once he has proven himself that the Catalans have renounced the “chimera” of independence, an “unviable” project that has “impoverished” Catalonia and has lowered its “self-esteem.”