Eme School: this is how a kindergarten is created with an innovative project

Education must also evolve and explore new methods.

04 October 2022 Tuesday 23:42
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Eme School: this is how a kindergarten is created with an innovative project

Education must also evolve and explore new methods. That is precisely the origin of the Escuelita de Eme, a center located in the town of Benavente (Zamora) promoted by María Cadierno, a young entrepreneur who decided to promote her own alternative option to traditional schooling. La Escuelita de Eme offers a family and educational environment so that children between 0 and 6 years of age can develop in an integral way from a safe and respectful attachment.

To make this dream come true, María had the financial backing of MicroBank, CaixaBank's social bank, which granted her a microcredit. “Thanks to MicroBank I got the financing to create this project and in the end it was all easy”, recalls María, who explains that the learning process that the little ones follow is more natural in this school.

“We don't just stop at covering basic needs or acquiring academic knowledge. We work on autonomy, motivation, all the emotional part... it is a development consistent with their age”, adds María. In addition, at Escuelita de Eme, groups of children of different ages coexist so that the older ones acquire values ​​such as empathy, wanting to help the little ones, and the little ones are motivated to learn what the older ones do.

The objectives of the Escuelita de Eme are to maintain the spontaneous curiosity of girls and boys throughout the childhood stage, to respect the individuality of each one (thus guaranteeing the formation of strong and healthy affective bonds, which allow them to develop all its potentialities) and link the school to the environment and culture, creating a living and dynamic organism, open to society, to be able to use it, and vice versa, instilling values ​​of respect and mutual care among all living beings.

“The case of María and the Escuelita de Eme is a clear reflection of how MicroBank's activity contributes to launching projects with great social impact”, explains Cristina González, general director of the entity. With this objective in mind, during 2021, 17,007 direct jobs were created thanks to the support for entrepreneurs. On the one hand, MicroBank helps to create employment by financing the start-up of the business and, on the other, it generates well-being for both children and mothers and fathers, who have the possibility of offering their children a space education in which to live a full and free childhood and where you can grow up happily through respect and trust”, he adds.

During the past year, MicroBank granted a total of 15,221 microcredits to the self-employed and micro-enterprises in Spain for a total value of 196 million euros.



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