'Dog friendly' holidays in Spain: beaches, campsites and swimming pools for dogs

It is part of your life and your family and that is why, with the arrival of summer, your dog also enters the equation of "desired and well-deserved vacations".

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
15 August 2023 Tuesday 10:28
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'Dog friendly' holidays in Spain: beaches, campsites and swimming pools for dogs

It is part of your life and your family and that is why, with the arrival of summer, your dog also enters the equation of "desired and well-deserved vacations". Luckily, Spain is an increasingly ideal destination for pet parents to enjoy a getaway to the beach with their dog, a stay at a campsite or a day at the pool or water park. Plans there are many. We propose a dog friendly route so that you can turn this holiday with your dog into a great experience for both of you.

As we explain in this article, if one of our summer plans with our dog is to go to the beach, before going we must make sure that it is suitable for them, in addition to complying with the regulations and following a series of recommendations so that they can be given the necessary care on the beach.

The Valencian Community and Andalusia concentrate the largest number of beaches where dogs are welcome. At the head of the first is the province of Alicante, with a total of 11. From Caleta dels Gossets (Santa Pola), the best valued of all, to Punta del Riu (Campello), small, with boulders and clear waters. calm down Further north are Mar y Montaña (Altea), a small pebble beach that has been officially dog-friendly since 2016, or Cala Les Urques (Calpe), wild, with stony soil and located next to the marina.

The province of Valencia also boasts three dog beaches: Pinedo (Valencia), La Torreta-Santa Elvira (El Puig) and the Alboraya dog beach. All of them are made up of fine sand and the permitted areas are very well delimited. Already in Castellón, almost all are small stone and rock beaches, such as Les Llanetes (Vinarós); L'Estany, in Punta Capicorb (Alcossebre) or Boca del Riu (Vinarós). The exception is El Barranquet (Benicarló) with its 300 meters of sand.

If you are looking for a paradise for dogs in Andalusia, Playa Canina de Torre del Mar, in the province of Malaga, is the best of all according to Redcanina.es. It is thanks to its arena, its dog park and its availability throughout the year. She is not the only one who wears stripes in the province. Playa del Castillo, in Fuengirola, also boasts fine sand and, although it is small, it is ideal for enjoying a day there with your dog. Already in the province of Huelva, Playa de la Ría de Punta Umbría, inaugurated in 2020, is emerging as a very good option. El Espigón, in the capital of Huelva, houses a canine area that goes from the sixth walkway to the breakwater. In Córdoba there is no beach, but there are two dog spaces in the Iznájar reservoir.

In beach-dog matters, Catalonia is a pioneer, as it is home to what was once the first dog beach in Spain: La Rubina, in Empuria Brava (Girona), with fine sand and crystalline waters, along with other pet beaches. friendly Barcelona located in Sitges, Barcelona, ​​Cubelles, Arenys de Mar and Pineda de Mar. Also in Tarragona you can enjoy a good dose of sand and sea for your dog. This is the case of La Balsa de La Arena (Delta del Ebro), the best valued beach for dogs in the province, surrounded by a virgin environment and with fine sand soil.

The north of Spain offers another good handful of canine beaches, among which stand out O Espiño, in San Vicente do Mar, O Grove (Pontevedra); El Sablón, in Bayas, Castrillón (Asturias) and La Maza, in San Vicente de la Barquera (Cantabria).

As for the islands, the Canary and Balearic Islands concentrate beaches such as Los Cuervitos and Tres Peos, both in Agüimes (Gran Canaria); La Guacimeta, in Playa Honda, San Bartolomé (Lanzarote); It is Carnatge in Palma de Mallorca and Cala Blanca, in Andratx (Mallorca).

If your plan this summer does not include going to the beach, a refreshing alternative is the water parks for dogs. They are not many, but they are worth visiting. The largest are located in Barcelona (Perros al Agua) and Alicante (Trust Resort).

In Ciudad Real, in the municipality of Miguelturra, a canine leisure center with a large rectangular pool has been created: Simbiosis Park. A central column expels jets of water and has a small slide. There is also a play area with ramps, tunnels or jumps.

A second option is to go to one of the kennels that open its doors to visitors so they can enjoy a refreshing day. In Madrid, in Fuente El Saz, is Braco's House Beach, which has a pool for dogs with waterfalls, water jets and a beach entrance; and in Las Rozas, Vive Pet Resort, a dog hotel equipped with a small saltwater pool. Already in Tenerife, Mascots Hotel

There are sea, mountain or sea and mountain. The environment is a matter of taste, although more and more campsites have something in common: they allow dogs. This is the reason why this type of accommodation is gaining popularity among dog parents, who are not willing to give up their company during the holidays. There are campsites from the north -Los Manzanos, in Santa Cruz de Oleiros (A Coruña), Sella, in Arriondas (Asturias) or Bungalows Playa de Oyambre, in San Vicente de la Barquera (Cantabria)- to the south -Camping Rural Presa, in La Viñuela (Málaga) and Espacio Finca Alegría-Holiday Park in Cartagena (Murcia)-.

Aragon is home to Camping Valle de Tena, in Sabiñánigo (Huesca) and Castilla y León is home to La Villa del Karting, in El Teso-El Bierzo (León). Already in Catalonia there is Verneda Mountain Resort, in Arrós (Lleida) and, in Madrid, the Bungalows La Posada, located in Cercedilla. The Valencian Community also brings together a few campsites where the entry of your dog is allowed. Oasis Country Park stands out, in Rugat (Valencia).

As you can see, in Spain there are more and more options for beaches, water parks and campsites to spend unforgettable holidays with your dog. If you haven't already done so, choose your destination and plan, and enjoy a refreshing dog friendly experience during the summer months.