"Do not send the same resume to all offers, it is useless"

Summer is just around the corner.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
25 May 2023 Thursday 22:26
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"Do not send the same resume to all offers, it is useless"

Summer is just around the corner. Job offers are picking up, but getting a job will not be so easy. Especially if mistakes are made when introducing yourself. The first step can already be wrong. "You don't have to send the same CV to all the offers. It doesn't work," says Nekane Cendoya, director of the Trabajos.com portal.

Casting the same profile in all possible offers, such a common practice, subtracts more than it adds. "It shows quickly," he says. A simple structure, without anything outstanding, mechanical... Cendoya throws in several tips to give it a facelift.

Before getting down to work you have to have some clear foundations. The resume should be as up-to-date as possible. Although it seems from other times, it is still necessary in the first screen, where it is "vital". "The resume has to be concise, personalized for that vacancy."

Continuing with the idea of ​​customizing it for each offer, when reviewing offers you have to look at "the requirements, the studies that are requested, what is valued... We have to be able to see the keywords that the company has, what determines important" to transfer it to our curriculum or candidacy.

Factors such as teamwork, resisting well under pressure, knowing a certain computer program... In subsequent phases, the skills that have been noted must be demonstrated. It may not seem like much, but in some processes the first screening is automated, it is done by an algorithm, and it pays to detect those keywords.

Do not be confused, it is not about making a new resume for each offer. "Maybe just changing the order and prioritizing certain experiences," says Cendoya. Highlight more attitudes that we have for that job. Using bold, increasing the size of certain words or experiences also helps to stand out. "You have to put yourself in the place of the person who is selecting, who does a vertical reading. If something is highlighted, you will see it right away."

Customizing is also writing a cover letter talking about why you are interested in being part of that company, "something that will attract attention."

Retouching, highlighting, specific letters... Personalizing each application is hard, "but nothing that can be done will attract the recruiter's attention, he will value it as positive, he will see that there is interest in the company The result is going to be different, it is not a guarantee of anything, but the probability of advancing is greater", closes Cendoya.

The use of social networks is also a differential factor. It is time to take care of the profiles on the platforms, especially in professionals such as LinkedIn, because "they are a source of information that companies usually go to".