Daniel Sancho ends his isolation in prison and receives a visit from his mother

The case of Daniel Sancho has gone around the world.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
16 August 2023 Wednesday 16:27
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Daniel Sancho ends his isolation in prison and receives a visit from his mother

The case of Daniel Sancho has gone around the world. Every decision that is made in this regard and every detail that comes to light is analyzed. Just a few days ago, the deputy director of the Thai police, in charge of the investigation, announced at a press conference that it would be a premeditated murder and that Sancho presumably ended the life of Edwin Arrieta completely alone. Something for which they will request the death penalty for the son of actor Rodolfo Sancho.

Although the defendant's family would have liked to be able to visit him from the beginning, the anti-Covid protocol required for prisoners in Thailand has so far prevented it. The chef has had to be in a special isolation module for ten days, unable to receive anything other than a visit from his lawyer. Now, and after this time, the first meeting has already taken place.

"We have been able to learn that Daniel Sancho's mother, Silvia Bronchalo, is currently traveling to Thailand, specifically to the Koh Samui prison to visit her son Daniel imminently in the next few hours. That we remember is spending his last day in isolation", the program En boca de todos announced exclusively.

After the period of isolation, Bronchalo has already been able to visit his son. The Summer Program broadcast this Thursday images of the actress getting out of the taxi that took her to the door of the prison where Daniel Sancho remains, awaiting trial. Dressed in sunglasses, and very serious, the defendant's mother could not avoid being photographed.

Once mother and son have met, they have had more than the twenty minutes allotted to communicate, because "she has come from afar and accompanied by the embassy", as they have stated in the aforementioned program. Later, Silvia Bronchalo has left the facilities. Respecting the moment for the actress, the journalists entrenched at the gate of Koh Samui have agreed not to ask Bronchalo any questions, neither before nor after the visit.

After the ten-day confinement, Daniel Sancho will go from living in a prison infirmary module with five other prisoners, two of whom are assistants, to doing so in a regular cell. Even so, for the moment he will continue in the infirmary due to his state of health. As soon as he leaves, and according to the EFE news agency, Sancho will be transferred to a "somewhat larger" area with another "100 people" and "not more comfortable or with more facilities than others."

Silvia Bronchalo was the first family member to visit Daniel Sancho after what happened. Something that he will do recurrently, since in Thailand's prisons daily visits are allowed. Although it is not known for sure when Rodolfo Sancho will come, and if he finally will, everything indicates that it will not be long before that is the case. And it is that the actor has been very aware of his son and has not hesitated to try to do everything he could.

Even so, it seems that he has decided not to leave his home at any time. "They tell us that he does not leave his house at all, only sometimes to make calls, but as soon as he sees that there is a neighbor outside who can see him or photograph him with his mobile, he immediately goes back inside," they said in Socialité.