Dani Alves, the fate of a rapist

How cheap it is to rape.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
31 March 2024 Sunday 22:25
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Dani Alves, the fate of a rapist

How cheap it is to rape. We were already able to see this at the end of February when the Barcelona Court sentenced Dani Alves to just 4 years and six months in prison for a crime of sexual assault against a 23-year-old girl that took place in the toilets of the private room. the Sutton nightclub. The story is very well known. Unfortunately.

To the surprisingly light sentence, which benefited from a mitigating compensation for damages that cost Alves 150,000 euros, it is worth adding his release from prison just one month later. On this occasion, the bill was one million euros. The joke has cost the footballer dearly. And I say joke because everything seems like a joke. Tasteless.

The new episode of the soap opera with an unfortunate script occurred today. Alves's wife, the model Joana Sanz, who had played an uncertain role throughout this vaudeville, has finally revealed her position. Just a few days ago, playing a game of distraction, she decided to delete all the photos in which she appeared with the athlete from her Instagram. She also stopped following him. It seemed clear that she no longer wanted anything to do with him. She even speculated about a possible new love. Nothing is further from reality.

Sanz has shared in his stories a photograph that has left more than one person frozen. Only two hands are seen intertwined. But two very identifiable hands. One is that of Alves. Specifically, his left hand, where he has the word 'Love' tattooed. The other hand is Joana's. And both share the same sum: '1 1=1'. It's not that they don't know how to add. For those who haven't caught it, they send us a message like 'it's a big deal'. In short: they are still together. Joined. Even, perhaps, more than ever. Because there is nothing better than setbacks to renew vows.

I would never want to find myself in the shoes of the young model (who, remember, had just lost her mother when the rape occurred). Only then, I suppose, could I perhaps understand her decision. Because watching it (fortunately) from the stands, it is totally incomprehensible. Alves not only deceived her, as she said on more than one occasion. His was much more serious than infidelity. Much more. He forced himself on a woman. He raped her. How can she sleep next to a rapist? Let's remember that Alves is no longer under suspicion. Yours is no longer an 'alleged'. Despite it, he has been condemned. He has been found guilty.

The Brazilian's macho crime has come out almost perfectly. What is 1,150,000 euros when his estimated fortune is 55 million? Even his wife has been waiting for him in her luxurious house in Barcelona, ​​where he now takes refuge. '1 1=1'. Let's hope that the couple does not decide to celebrate their reunion by having a few drinks at the Sutton, a nightclub that should ban him from entering if he has not already done so.

For now, the footballer has only paid for his arrogance with 430 nights in prison. Even less than the 500 that Sabina sings to forget a beloved woman. I hope her victim can also forget so quickly.