Cybersecurity, a growing sector with great demand for professionals

Computer systems are increasingly at the mercy of cyberattacks and information and data are more compromised.

30 May 2022 Monday 02:01
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Cybersecurity, a growing sector with great demand for professionals

Computer systems are increasingly at the mercy of cyberattacks and information and data are more compromised. Criminals have found a wide field for their crimes on the internet. Improvements in telecommunications, which make data transmission much easier and faster, also increase the risk of attacks and hacks. For this reason, cybersecurity is an emerging sector with great demand in institutions and companies of all sizes.

"Advances in communications have made cybersecurity more important, because now connections are very fast and cybercriminals realize that they can steal more data in less time and do damage on a large scale," says Eduard Bardají, CEO and founding partner of ESED, a cybersecurity company based at the TecnoCampus in Mataró.

Bardají assures that cybercrime is nothing more than the extension "of the crime of a lifetime, it is the bank robber or swindler who has now been modernized." According to this expert, it was during the pandemic that companies realized the importance of security: “everyone assumed that technologies were safe de facto, but that was not the case, they must be implemented correctly”, warns.

Given this situation, it is essential to "protect the data of companies and guarantee their security". This new need that is growing among small and large companies requires a new profile for which there is now great demand and few trained professionals yet. “Within this sector there is still a lot of taboo, because people give the word hacker a negative connotation. But hackers are one thing and cybercriminals are another”, explains Bardají, who considers it essential that there be a profile specialized in internet security, in the same way that we have security forces in the real world.

According to Bardají, people who are dedicated to cybersecurity must have, in addition to a certain technological base, a "great curiosity" to know how things work inside.

To contribute to the digital training of new professionals with the aim of responding to digital professions in high demand, such as cybersecurity, the TecnoCampus organizes a Course on Cybersecurity Implementation and Management. It is a Course 100% subsidized by the Servei d'Ocupació de Catalunya (SOC) whose objective is, on the one hand, to contribute to the implementation of cybersecurity. On the other hand, it is designed to promote professional reskilling, that is, to help professionals retrain in new sectors with high labor demand.

This is stated by Léonard Janer, professor at TecnoCampus and coordinator of the course, who explains that it is aimed at people who have a bachelor's degree, postgraduate degree or level 3 vocational training, precisely to help them "move to another sector". Janer adds that with this course "we have the will to increase the number of people who have skills in this area".

Among the professional opportunities offered by the cybersecurity sector, Janer explains, there are consultant profiles, as well as security auditor or security tool programmer, among others. Companies already require profiles that know how to implement cybersecurity policies and manage the tools that protect them from possible attacks.

The 131-hour course will allow participants to acquire the key knowledge and skills to work in the digital sector and improve their job opportunities. It will take place from July 6 to 22 and from September 1 to 26, 2022



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