Corinna says she accepted the 65 million euros as a "divorce settlement"

After love comes intrigue.

28 November 2022 Monday 02:32
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Corinna says she accepted the 65 million euros as a "divorce settlement"

After love comes intrigue. The podcast Corinna and the King changes the soap opera style for that of a spy series B in the fifth chapter entitled False Christmas in which Corinna Larsen recounts the months after the Botswana incident, a period that begins with the story of scenes in which she affirms, on the one hand, feeling persecuted by the secret services and concludes with a supposed donation of 65 million euros. According to her, behind the alleged harassment and the great gift is the same person: King Juan Carlos.

The new installment, which like the previous ones, appears on Mondays, through various digital platforms, begins with the scene, already told several times by Corinna, in which, at midnight, while she was sleeping in a luxurious London hotel, she found a unknown at the foot of his bed. In a dramatic tone, Corinna also explains how, on a subsequent business trip to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), she was followed by some cars when she was going to visit Christ the Redeemer in the middle of a storm. A surreal scene, in which she transmutes into Lady Di, affirming that her driver, on a winding road and under heavy rain, manages, thanks to the fact that she was a rally driver, to mislead the pursuers.

After returning to London, Corinna says she received, in May 2012, a month after Botswana, the first visit from General Félix Sanz Roldán, then director of the National Intelligence Center. Reinforcing the version on which the lawsuit for harassment against King Juan Carlos that is underway in the British Court is based, Corinna attributes to Sanz Roldán all the episodes of alleged persecution, the threats, as well as the role of a kind of Celestina , since according to her, he required her to continue acting as King Juan Carlos's lover so that he could be calm and carry out his duties and, in this way, avoid abdication. Corinna affirms in the podcast that, in addition, Sanz Roldán tells her that if she does not do what they ask, her "personal and physical safety and that of her children" is at risk.

At that point, Corinna qualifies Juan Carlos as a "banana king" and introduces the arguments that his lawyers have used in the lawsuit for harassment, in which they question the sense of inviolability that the Constitution guaranteed him. "If he kills his gardener, the law wouldn't be able to prosecute him," Corinna says on the podcast.

In the midst of all this spy mess, the podcast narration places a call from the Swiss lawyer Dante Canonica to Corinna in the summer of 2012, in which he explains that King Juan Carlos is going to give her 65 million euros. euros. It would be an apparent donation in life from her, although Corinna assures that she does not care about money and that during the time that the relationship lasted, she paid many bills and attributes herself to being a successful business woman.

Corinna admits that she accepted the 65 million euros, as "a divorce agreement" and affirms that they reached one of her accounts by a path that could not be traced, let alone related to Juan Carlos. Attributing the operation to Dante Canónica, Corinna explains that the lawyer tells her that King Juan Carlos, aware of everything he has gone through, wants to ensure the future of him and his son Alexander. She thinks it is a bribe, but still accepts it, still convinced that he actually passed on the money to her in the hope of getting back together and, in the future, both of them enjoying that amount.

And, at that point, another surreal story appears by which Corinna, despite feeling "harassed, threatened" and emotionally separated from Juan Carlos, accepts a kind of paripé so that he celebrates Christmas with her and her family and, for For this reason, she calls a Christmas party for Juan Carlos at the country house in Great Britain of her ex-husband Philip Atkins. In what she calls "false Christmas", Corinna explains that on December 22, 2013, almost two years after the Botswana crash and after all the spying incidents, they celebrate a Christmas dinner together. Corinna forgets that neither that day, nor the day before, nor the days after, King Juan Carlos could be in England since the Christmas speech that would be broadcast on Christmas Eve was being recorded, so, in reality, what would result false is the version that Corinna details in the fifth chapter of the podcast.

The chapter includes the story of another meeting, the one that, according to her, took place in London on January 5, 2014, the day of Juan Carlos' 76th birthday and the eve of the Military Easter celebration in Madrid. Corinna affirms that she "forced" the king to return to Spain to attend the reception at the military leadership, in which he gave a speech full of errors that, according to her, was the result of her uneasiness for having to abandon her.

According to Corinna, in the following months, immediately prior to the abdication, the king planned to settle in London in a flat paid for by the Sultan of Oman, and, at the same time, announce to him that, in the future, they would live together in the palace of The brown. All to keep her love and marry her, even though Corinna no longer wanted him. To be continue...



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