Compromís hopes that Mónica Oltra makes her own decision

A former leader of the Valencian PP said that the party in the Valencian Community never ended.

24 June 2022 Friday 12:37
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Compromís hopes that Mónica Oltra makes her own decision

A former leader of the Valencian PP said that the party in the Valencian Community never ended. Time took away his reason; there were resignations and change of political cycle. On Saturday, two days after the indictment of Mónica Oltra by the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community, Compromís carried out an act that became a tribute to its leader and vice president of the Valencian Government that ended with flowers, music, jumps and dances.

"The image that was transferred was not the best," Compromís officials acknowledged yesterday. After the hangover from the party and the closing of the ranks, two days later, the most heard word in the mouths of the different leaders of the formation was "reflection". It was used by the mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, the minister Mireia Mollà while the trustee in the Corts Valencianes, Papi Robles, spoke of not shying away from the internal debate and avoided making future prospects about Oltra and his candidacy for the Generalitat in 2023.

All this suggests that today's Compromís executive will begin this period of reflection with the idea that the Initiative leader will make a move.

An increasingly complicated chess game after the ultimatum launched by the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig. This Monday, the socialist leader warned that the decision will be made "sooner than later." In case there was any doubt, he made it clear that he did not like the image that was transferred on Saturday: "I don't know, I'm not here for parties", he declared before the media while inviting all the actors of the Botànic to do "their own reflection and then share it with everyone”.

Some statements that add more concern and uncertainty to the Compromís executive meeting this afternoon. It is an ordinary meeting that was put on the calendar before the vice president was accused of allegedly having covered up the abuse of her ex-husband in a juvenile center.

However, it is clear that Compromís will have to start debating the future of its greatest political and electoral asset. It is difficult to know what can happen. In the last hours it seems that there are leaders who are kindly trying to show the exit door to the vice president.

They point out that Oltra has their full support, but that this is not "incompatible" with managing the situation by seeking a formula that does not erode the party and the Botànic project. In addition, they consider that the situation is beginning "to be unsustainable" and that the underlying judicial issue forces them to be very scrupulous since any gesture can be interpreted as a minimization of the facts.

In this line, they point out that the vice president "has a lot to gain if everything ends well" and returns reinforced "and with a new story". The same sources point out to La Vanguardia that work is being done on this stage so that she is the one to take the step, as they reiterate, and the majority of the party agrees, they will not be forced to make a decision against their will. Thus, they trust that it is Oltra herself who acts.

The problem is that she has been defending for several weeks that everything is a "hunt by the extreme right" against her and questioning the soundness of the judicial decisions, so it will not be easy to change her strategy now.

Waiting to find out what Compromís is doing, they are at the Palau de la Generalitat. Ximo Puig has not set a date for that period of reflection, but what is certain is that he will wait for his partners to meet before making a decision.

A circumstance that bothers Compromís who understand that the PSPV cannot mark their times. They point out that they are being pressured from different areas - they prefer not to name names - so that they make a decision and Puig does not have to dirty his hands. In the socialist ranks, they turn the argument around and believe that it is Compromís who is waiting for the president to take the initiative so as not to have to remove their leader themselves.



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