Cards to save in the supermarket, in gasoline and in the rest of your purchases

Paying by card is becoming more and more common.

24 November 2022 Thursday 17:48
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Cards to save in the supermarket, in gasoline and in the rest of your purchases

Paying by card is becoming more and more common. But do we pay with the correct card? There are dozens on the market: debit, credit, virtual, plastic and even metal. However, despite the variety, many customers end up settling for what their bank gives them. But the difference between paying with one card or another can be a saving of tens of euros a year, say the experts from the financial product comparator.

While some cards are only used to pay, in addition to withdrawing money. Others also allow you to save. You can save on gasoline, in the supermarket or in restaurants, among many other offers.

Some cards allow us to recover a percentage of the money we spend with them in many establishments, from supermarkets to bars, restaurants or fashion stores of the main brands such as Zara, H

Of course, before using any card with discounts, you must read the fine print and ask yourself three questions: first, is the card free or does it have maintenance fees? Second, can you take advantage of the discounts if you pay at the end of the month? no interest? And third, what exactly do you have to do to enjoy the savings?

It is of interest that the card does not have commissions and that discounts are applied to purchases paid at the end of the month, thus preventing commissions and interest from eating up the bonuses. Also, the easier it is to take advantage of discounts, the better. In some cases, it is enough to pay with the card, but in others you have to download codes from the Internet or access the websites of the businesses through a link provided by the entity. These are steps that make it difficult to obtain discounts, warn HelpMyCash sources.

One of the most common promotions are discounts on gasoline. In general, to get the bonus, you only need to pay for refueling with a card. Of course, each one allows you to save at the service stations of a brand, so drivers who usually refuel at the gas stations of several different chains should carry more than one card with them, they point out from HelpMyCash.

Other cards that allow you to save at gas stations are the WiZink Porque Tú Vuelves Card (up to a 6% discount at Cepsa) or the El Corte Inglés card (4% discount at Repsol, Campsa and Petronor).

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