Can the new Volvo EX30 travel 400 km on a charge? We have verified it

After its debut last summer, we have finally been able to drive the new Volvo EX30 in depth, the 100% electric model created by the Swedish brand to conquer the B-SUV segment.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
24 March 2024 Sunday 10:34
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Can the new Volvo EX30 travel 400 km on a charge? We have verified it

After its debut last summer, we have finally been able to drive the new Volvo EX30 in depth, the 100% electric model created by the Swedish brand to conquer the B-SUV segment. The unit tested corresponds to the most balanced version in terms of power/range ratio of the range, the so-called Single Extended Range.

This variant of the new Scandinavian electric B-SUV has a battery with a total capacity of 69 kW (64 kW useful), combined with an electric motor - located on the rear axle - capable of delivering 272 HP of power. The WLTP approved autonomy is 476 km and we wanted to know if it can be in the 400 km orbit.

During our rehearsal we had the opportunity to take a varied route, with a starting point in the center of Madrid and subsequent driving on highways and secondary roads. It was about checking in real conditions if it could get closer to the approved 15.7 kWh/100 km and, consequently, enjoy a range of more than 400 km.

Under these circumstances, the consumption obtained was 16.4 kWh/100 km, over a total distance of 108.8 km, at an average of 48.3 km/h. In practice, this energy expenditure translates into the real possibility of traveling about 400 km on a charge. To understand this low average speed, it is necessary to explain that the kilometers of urban driving were really slow, with significant delays in the initial phase.

Recharging operations are a point of vital importance in electric cars. In the case of the version of the EX30 tested and according to the official data provided by Volvo, about 26-28 minutes are necessary to recover 80% of the energy, from 10%, if there is access to a 175 kW fast charger. If the charging speed is reduced to 50 kW, the time required is 56 minutes.

The electric motor offers plenty of power in any circumstance. Its immediate and powerful acceleration capacity generates outstanding movement agility. On highways it allows you to recover the desired speed in an instant and on the highway it links curves with energetic accelerations on straight lines.

The low center of gravity enhances its dynamic agility and cornering, allowing fun and safe driving. The suspension, based on a front McPherson system and a rear multi-link axle, maintains an optimal compromise between efficiency and comfort.

The electric power steering does not transmit excessively what is happening under the wheels, but it does its job optimally. For its part, equipped with large ventilated discs on all four wheels, the EX30's braking is powerful in any circumstance, even when the demands are increased with strong decelerations.

In urban environments, the compact external dimensions of the Nordic electric make movements as easy as possible. Strolling around is easy and its 11.1 meter turning diameter allows any type of maneuver to be successfully solved. The Park Assist Pilot function is responsible for parking the vehicle fully automatically.

Modern and daring in its exterior image, Volvo is committed to offering an interior based on minimalism, but with everything necessary to make the traveling experience totally satisfactory. Everyday convenience starts with the availability of the digital key function, compatible with most mobile phones.

Once we access the interior, the EX30 conveys a feeling of light and space, especially in its front seats. All information is concentrated on the 12.3-inch vertical central screen, which has different menus.

The minimalism of the EX30 translates, however, into some details that require an adaptation period. For example, the speed indicator is located at the top of the screen, we would have liked this information to also be behind the steering wheel.

Other less debatable details are the location of the window switches, between the seats and away from the doors, or the need to use the screen to open the vehicle's main glove box.

The equipment is complete from the basic Core finish. The EX30 incorporates new safety technologies such as a warning system so that the driver does not get distracted or fall asleep, cyclist alert, advanced overtaking assistance or a monitor that is responsible for maintaining an adequate safety distance when overtaking a cyclist. .

The specific Volvo app allows you to manage other comfort functions such as parking location, door closing or remote activation of the air conditioning. It is also a fascinating car for lovers of clear and powerful sound, thanks to its front sound bar that offers outstanding audio quality signed by Harman Kardon, present in the Plus finish.

The EX30's habitability is correct in relation to its size, with good width in the front seats and several storage options. The rear seats are ideal for two people, the central seat is more uncomfortable, although since there is no transmission tunnel, foot space is always correct.

The trunk has a capacity of 318 liters, a discreet figure for a car of its size and additionally has various compartments that provide an additional 61 liters. The base of the trunk can be adjusted to two heights and there is a small front trunk to store the charging cable.

Inside, one of the attractions of the EX30 is the possibility of having four types of upholstery, always made with recycled materials. Likewise, it offers the possibility of choosing between five ambient interior lighting themes, inspired by different Scandinavian landscapes.

If all these arguments are not enough, Volvo offers an initial campaign that includes a succulent discount of 5,000 euros on the rate of the Extended Range version, a figure that is reduced even further with the aid of the Moves III Plan.