Buying double has a reward: save by buying two or more Bosch products

In spring we rush to take care of ourselves to reach summer with better health and a more stylized silhouette.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
01 April 2023 Saturday 00:27
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Buying double has a reward: save by buying two or more Bosch products

In spring we rush to take care of ourselves to reach summer with better health and a more stylized silhouette. For this reason, during these months we decided to return to practicing sports and we decided to eat a much healthier diet.

To feed ourselves better, we increase our consumption of fruit and vegetables, and we put aside fried foods and chup chup recipes. In order to get the most out of vegetables, it is necessary that we have a good blender, a juice extractor, or a kitchen robot that makes it easier for us to prepare healthy recipes.

The Bosch brand makes it very easy for you to equip your kitchen this month because if you buy more than one appliance you get a discount.

At El Comprador de La Vanguardia we encourage you to take advantage of this Bosch small appliance promotion that will be active until May 31.

Hand blenders are the ideal tool for making vegetable creams or cold vegetable-based soups, two quite common preparations when we want to go on a diet. For this reason, we propose the ErgoMaster Series 4 to equip your kitchen. A model with many accessories so that we can chop, emulsify and also serve as a pastry tool.

The ErgoMaster has a 1000W motor, enough to power any ingredient or preparation. It has stainless steel QuattroBlade blades that ensure perfect results regarding grinding and, in addition, it has an anti-splash system.

This blender can crush ice and mix frozen fruits. Its motor is 1,200 W and a speed of up to 30,000 rpm, which allows us to achieve extra-fine fruit and vegetable smoothies.

The jug is made of 1.5-litre ThermoSafe glass with 3D dynamic impellers and the assembly is quick and easy to assemble. Thanks to the fact that the blender is removable, we can wash the parts independently by hand or by putting them in the dishwasher.

This VitaPower 2 model with a 450W motor and up to 40,000 rpm allows you to blend or crush whatever you want directly in the 'on the go' bottles, with anti-leak protection so that not a single drop is lost and a cap with a sports bottle-type spout. An ideal tool to take your fruit or protein shakes to the gym.

Thanks to the Pro Performance system and the stainless steel ProEdge blades, made in Solingen with reinforced edges, we will obtain optimal texture and flavor for all the dishes we want, even those that contain harder ingredients such as frozen fruit, nuts or similar.

Slow pressing technology allows for efficient extraction of juices from food, as well as preventing oxidation. Therefore, this Bosch VitaExtract extractor offers the advantage of extracting the juice from carrots, celery, apples or any fruit and vegetable.

This model has a robust and efficient 150 W motor that offers the best results with the lowest possible noise, extracting juice from all types of food. It has a non-drip juice outlet that provides cleaner juice preparation. Plus, it's easy to clean thanks to its dishwasher-safe parts.

This food processor has a 1250 W motor and therefore facilitates any preparation of ingredients because it has a lot of power. An appliance that greatly speeds up cooking and that will be a perfect ally to create new healthy recipes.

It has multiple functions available thanks to its processor that allows you to beat, cut, grate, knead, grind, mix, etc. Its container is 3.9 liters and has an intelligent identification system that automatically sets the correct speed for each accessory.

The MUM5 has a 1000W motor that will greatly facilitate the task of preparing all the ingredients for a recipe and that has plenty of power to beat or knead. In addition, it has a 3D PlanetaryMixing system that ensures a homogeneous mix of all the ingredients, which guarantees great results.

It has 7 different speeds, turbo function, rotary speed selector knob with a red LED indicator for operation, a 1.25-litre BPA-free Tritan jug, slicer-grater with three discs, a transparent anti-splash lid with filler neck and almost all of its accessories are dishwasher safe.

This appliance will serve us to make sandwiches for breakfast and as a grill to cook vegetables and other foods.

This model has a convenient 3-in-one format: closed like a grill, open like a grill pan, or semi-open for gratin or baking. To do this, it incorporates two removable aluminum plates with non-stick coating, dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.

The grill has an extra power of 1800 watts for surprisingly fast and constant heating. In addition, it has adjustable power.

To be able to have healthy toast for breakfast, we can get this Bosch brand toaster, which is also the ideal option for those homes with a small kitchen. Being a short slice design, it doesn't take up too much.

The DesignLine model allows you to choose the heat power, has a defrost mode for when we have the bread fresh out of the freezer, and an integrated bun-warmer accessory.

Coffee is not at odds with a healthy life if we don't abuse it. In addition, it offers us energy to be able to perform to the maximum all day. For this reason, we propose this Bosch drip coffee maker that will allow us to make coffee at home and fill the thermos for work.

The glass jug in which we will find the ready-made coffee has a capacity of 1.4L, so we can prepare up to 10 cups approximately. Just above it has a compartment to place the ground coffee with the filter and next to it there is a water tank.

This kettle will serve us to prepare infusions that provide benefits to our health and help us purify.

This option offers quick and easy filling from the mouth without the need to open the lid. In addition, since the lid opens completely, we can clean it very easily.

Also of note in this model is the anti-impurity filter in the mouthpiece and its simple operation based on a single button in the lower area of ​​the container.

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