Blow of euphoria with Lewandowski

An equal expectation had not been seen at the Spotify Camp Nou since Neymar's arrival in June 2013.

05 August 2022 Friday 22:52
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Blow of euphoria with Lewandowski

An equal expectation had not been seen at the Spotify Camp Nou since Neymar's arrival in June 2013. When yesterday in his presentation Robert Lewandowski, after making touches with his feet, knees and head, let the ball rest a little on his forehead and dropped it to kiss him – like Ronaldinho's in 2003 – the 57,000 spectators who attended the Barcelona Coliseum exploded. It is the confirmation that Barcelona fans, after a blank year and depression, have once again become excited about the 2022-2023 project that Joan Laporta has put together and that Xavi will drive. "With this team, this project and this new direction things can happen that are very different from last season," predicted the Polish striker, who has scored 156 goals in the last three seasons in Munich.

Barcelona, ​​touched a year ago for not being able to afford Messi's continuity, has bought one of the world cracks from Bayern, a team that endorsed him 2-8 in Lisbon in 2020 and that in 2021 beat him 0-3 and 3-0 to eliminate it from the Champions League and send it to the Europa League. “It's a historic day, one of those days when the Catalans feel the club like never before. It is one more proof that there is a new stage and it is going to be splendid, ”said the president, completely euphoric, like one more culé.

Lewandowski arrives to be the new star, the finisher of occasions, and as such he was the only one to be presented at the Camp Nou and with a number already on his shirt. What did not happen with Kessie, Christensen, Dembélé, Raphinha or Koundé. He will be the new nine, the number that Memphis wore until now, by club decision, image and publicity.

The Dutchman, who has outstanding numbers, was the top scorer last year with 13 goals, but the club detected that he needed more flair and accuracy in the rival area. "If a genius comes and grants us three wishes, we would have asked him for a scorer, who would have won several Golden Boots (the Pole has won the last two) and would be a goal guarantee," explained Laporta.

It was not a genie from a lamp but the representative Pini Zahavi, whom Laporta called brother (brother), who appeared. “I have a very nice relationship with his agent and I asked her if there was a possibility. He told me that the player would like it, ”the president discovered. “The operation was not easy and if he has left it has been because the player wanted to play for Barça. Dziekuje, Robert”, Laporta thanked him in Polish.

For the footballer, the conversations he had with the president and with Xavi were vital. “I know that these are not the best times for Barcelona. But when I talked to Joan and saw the project and the direction he wants to take, I decided that I wanted to be on this side, ”he revealed. “It has cost but in the end I am here. I am very happy and I am sure that I will score many goals in this stadium and I hope to win many titles”, he wished.

Lewandowski also liked the farsightedness his new coach gave him on their first contact. “After a few minutes I already knew what he had in mind. He had clear ideas. He explained his system and his tactics to me. I felt a connection. I knew he was the ideal person because he had a very clear path, ”he recounted.

About to turn 34, the player does not believe that age can be an impediment to success in the League. “My age right now doesn't matter. It's just a number. I don't feel like I'm 33 or 34 years old. I feel very good and I see myself playing at a high level for several more years”, he argued to convince those who consider that the 45 million paid and the four seasons for which he has signed are excessive. In addition, he believes that this background, eight years at Bayern and four at Borussia Dortmund, will help him lead the team and advise Barça's youngsters. “I am a person who can push the rest because of the experience I have. I can help with words, not just with my skills, ”he claimed.

In the presence of his mother, Iwona, and his wife, Anna, Lewandowski confessed that his secret to staying young and at his best is that he keeps his desire to play and win intact. “I do what I love. After so many years, I still want to improve. Age is a positive thing. I don't feel pain, but I feel hungry because I continue to play at a high level. I still have the mentality of working hard. I have fun and my love for football is great, ”he explained the strength of him.

And he warned Real Madrid, who have faced a tough rival this year both in the League and in the Champions League. “I'm always ready to face Real Madrid. I know how to play against them. We are here to beat them. It will be difficult but this is football. You always have to be prepared and play at your best level, not just against Madrid. Every week and in the Champions League we are going to go out to win”, he promised. Robert Lewandowski's first goal was a stroke of euphoria.



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