Banks that give up to 300 euros for domiciling the payroll

Financial institutions have started a war to attract new customers.

01 December 2022 Thursday 22:37
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Banks that give up to 300 euros for domiciling the payroll

Financial institutions have started a war to attract new customers. This can be seen after taking a look at the main financial showcases, since in most of them you can find offers in which, when you open a bank account, they guarantee a cash income of up to 300 euros in the best cases or up to 775 euros. taking into account other types of prizes such as remuneration, according to experts from the financial comparator

Cash gifts are a very good incentive to retain customers, since it is more tangible than any other type of benefit. And the bank is aware of this. They only usually demand that one requirement be met: direct deposit of the salary or pension, that is, that you receive periodic income in the account that you open.

And it is that salary is one of the most valuable assets for banks because it allows to start a relationship of loyalty. With this gesture, they try to become the main bank of each one, from where it is expected that they will end up paying the bills and, who knows, perhaps applying for a mortgage, credit cards or hiring higher value products such as investment funds, from where the entities squeeze juicy commissions.

At they have analyzed the Spanish account market and have determined that the most aggressive offer that can currently be found is the one presented by Banco Sabadell. Your Online Account has a return of 2% APR for a whole year for the first 30,000 euros. This means that up to 600 euros gross can be obtained in this way in twelve months. And if a salary is domiciled, of any amount, there is more. Give an additional net 175 euros in cash.

Another of the options that stand out after tracing the different shop windows is that of Bankinter. The famous Payroll Account of the entity headed by María Dolores Dancausa has never lost its appeal. In his case there is really no direct prize, but he offers one of the best possible remunerations. During the first twelve months, the account pays 5% APR up to 5,000 euros. Once that period has expired, the APR is reduced to 2%, which will be applied for an extra year. It allows you to get 340 euros gross in two years.

This ranking is completed by Abanca, which has been awarded the medal for being one of the entities that offers the greatest incentive in cash. The Galician bank allows you to get 300 euros net by opening a Clara Account and domiciling a salary of at least 1,200 euros. But since this account allows up to two holders, up to 600 euros can be reached. If the salary is less, the gift is cut in half. In that case it will be 150 euros.

The usual thing in past times was for each client to be loyal to their bank and on rare occasions someone considered opening a competitor's account. However, things have now changed. People look for the best offers for each of the products that interest them and they do not necessarily have contracted all the financial services available to them in the same entity.

The entities know that a customer captured does not mean that they will be a customer for life. For this reason, they impose a series of conditions, such as linking and permanence requirements, warn the experts at It will be necessary to look carefully at the minimum amount of the payroll to contribute, since in many cases it is required to pay a direct deposit of at least 800 euros. In addition, they usually ask you to keep the account between one and two years in order to close it and not be penalized. Other times they even ask to pay various bills or use a credit card.



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