Arctic blast to Strike US over the weekend

More snow is expected from the Rockies to the Midwest and the Northeast.

05 February 2021 Friday 14:16
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Arctic blast to Strike US over the weekend

A storm moving round the country brought up into a foot of snow Thursday in the Midwest and winds that gusted in over 50 miles, creating blizzard conditions.

In Iowa, 3 to 6.5 inches of snow with gusty winds generated a ground blizzard -- which means snow wasn't falling, but rather blowing around on the floor.

In Chicago, 2-3 inches of snow dropped very quickly Thursday day, which slowed traffic down.

The storm is now going throughout the Northeast with mostly rain to its I-95 corridor from Washington, D.C., to Boston.

On Friday morning, some freezing and snow mix was reported in upstate New York and into northern New England, where several areas could see a few inches later in the day, making streets slick.

Some areas will go through the coldest air of the year .

Components of the Rockies and the Plains will probably get 6 to 12 inches of snow over the weekend, which could cause dangerous driving conditions.

The Central U.S. will likely see wind chills from the 30s, 40s and 50s under zero this weekend.

This is going to be the coldest air in two years for a few.

The new storm will then attempt to maneuver across the country and could brush the East Coast with snow.

At this time, it does not appear to be a significant storm, and most Northeast cities will only get some cold winds with possibly a few inches of snow on Super Bowl Sunday.

Additional snow (maybe half a foot) is expected in the Midwest, from Iowa to Michigan. Most of It's Going to fall near the Amazing Lakes.

The Northeast will likely see only a few inches of snow, such as in the I-95 corridor, but the heaviest snow will probably be in the lake-effect bands around Buffalo and Watertown, New York.

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