Antivirals: Attached to the star

There are movie directors with such specific obsessions that they get their fans to adopt them and explore them from movie to movie.

08 August 2022 Monday 00:13
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Antivirals: Attached to the star

There are movie directors with such specific obsessions that they get their fans to adopt them and explore them from movie to movie. For example: Olivier Assayas and the actresses' assistants. In Journey to Sils, Maria has already elaborated a whole generational tension between Juliette Binoche in the role of Maria, an actress at the age of beginning to play the mother of the protagonist, and her assistant, Valentine, played by Kristen Stewart. Later, she repeated with this actress in Personal shopper, in which she is also somehow attached to the stars, the person who takes care of her wardrobe. And in Irma Vep, the series that can be seen on HBO Max in which he revisits his own 1996 film of the same title, he gives the protagonist, Mira (Alicia Vikander), not one but two assistants. The former, and the owner. Laurie (Adria Arjona) is Mira's former do-it-all girl, and her ex-lover too, now married to a rising movie director and determined to point out her new status to her former boss. Revina (Devon Ross) has a different relationship with the narcissist (let's see, she's a star) Mira. He is preparing to direct her own film, and both his attitude and her youthful faith in arthouse cinema are reminiscent of Stewart's role in Sils Maria.


A group with as much legend as Els Surfing Sirles had to have their own documentary. It's called Material Sirles: un septenni and it can be seen at the end of October at the In-Edit festival, which celebrates its twentieth edition this year. The director of the film, which is defined in the In-Edit programming preview as a "mixture of private videos, parties, talks and bowling", is Lulú Martorell, a great friend of Pepe Sales, legend of the Catalan underground and uncle of Martí Sales, one of the Sirles. Martorell has been nurtured to shoot the video film that has been sent by the people who attended those epic and chaotic concerts of the garage band with brilliant lyrics that ceased its activities in 2013, when Uri Caballero, one of its founders, passed away. and reunited in 2018 for four concerts. One of them, the one from the Sidecar room in Barcelona, ​​can be seen in its entirety on YouTube and contains (almost) all the band's hits, including El trineu and Pubilla de cuixa forta.


Iconoclastic dancer, adoptive mother of a cheetah, a lion, a monkey and a marmoset and 12 children of all races whom she called her "rainbow tribe" and the person who spoke just before Martin Luther King gave the speech that began with "I had a dream", the life of Josephine Baker only becomes more and more intriguing as biographers continue to investigate her. A recently published book in English, Agent Josephine, written by an expert in military history, Damien Lewis, delves into the other facet of Baker's life, that of a much more active spy and agent of the French Resistance than previously believed. . The artist, born in St. Louis, in the United States, but considered a symbol in France – since 2021, her remains rest in the Pantheon – became aware of the rise of fascism during a tour of Germany and France in 1928 and had a role much more active than previously believed in Allied Intelligence, working as a spy for the United States, Great Britain, and France. As a good spy, she took almost all of her secrets to the grave.


The (many) readers of Hamnet, the novel by Maggie O'Farrell, will remember the character of Susanna, the eldest daughter of Agnes and William Shakespeare, whom we see towards the end of the book learning the medicinal use of plants from her mother. In real life, Susanna also researched natural medicine and married a doctor, John Hall, who treated mostly women and is believed to have advised his famous father-in-law on botanical matters (such as when Ophelia offers her Hamlet rosemary to recover memory). Now a professor at the University of Brighton, Ailsa Grant Ferguson is leading a project on Susanna that will culminate in the planting of a botanical garden in Statford-upon-Avon, in the house that Shakespeare's daughter shared with her husband.


The books follow you. Under this heading, the kyiv Public Library is making a herculean effort to ensure that Ukrainian children and adolescents who have had to take refuge in other countries continue to receive books in their language wherever they are. Through a network in which universities and publishers from all over Europe also participate, since March they have managed to deliver more than 2,000 books to children in Germany, Poland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic, among other countries. In the city of Cologne alone, there are now over 300 Ukrainian-language LIJ titles available in local libraries, thanks to a volunteer who moved them from Lviv. The organization now hopes to extend the project to Spain as well.



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