Ancelotti: "I am with Xavi: why do we normalize the insult?"

Vinícius and the racist insults he suffered last Sunday at the Mestalla continue to occupy all the news about Real Madrid.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
23 May 2023 Tuesday 04:21
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Ancelotti: "I am with Xavi: why do we normalize the insult?"

Vinícius and the racist insults he suffered last Sunday at the Mestalla continue to occupy all the news about Real Madrid. Ancelotti appeared this Tuesday morning in the Valdebebas press room ahead of tomorrow's match against Rayo Vallecano at the Bernabéu and his allegation was a speech in defense of his player and against racism: "Vinícius has been a victim Sometimes he is blamed: it is said that he provokes, that it is the attitude... no. Let's be clear: he is the victim of all this. Like the fans who behave impeccably. And, by the way, when I talk about Mestalla is not for 46,000 people, but for a group that has done very badly. As in Mallorca, Valladolid... it's a custom. Beyond racism, it seems customary to insult. What Xavi said seems exemplary to me: Why Why do we normalize insults in football?

And the Italian coach continued: "They accused me that I wasn't "cute" but "silly". So what? Can you say that? It's intolerable anyway. It has to stop. "faggot", "let your mother die. Why? All this is a great opportunity to stop it. And I want to say that Spain is not racist; but there is racism in Spain. And it has to change", he stated very seriously.

Ancelotti continued talking about Vinícius: "He's sad and he didn't train today because he had a little discomfort in his knee. Besides, he's suspended for tomorrow... which would open another debate." Then, he explained the reason for so many insults to his player: "In recent years Vini has gained prominence and that has made him a 'sports enemy'. That can happen. But that all this leads to racism..." he concluded.

The coach believes that the League's protocol for these cases is obsolete: "I think it is obsolete, yes. Because the protocol had to be applied as you arrive by bus. That's where the insults begin and the arguments that Vinícius is a provocative. They are not isolated cases, as has been said for a long time. One of Valencia said it, "isolated case". And no. There are not 46,000, but not one or two either. Two hours before they were already insulting, "he commented.

Ancelotti expects measures to be taken: "I'm waiting to see what happens. Hopefully it's something. And worried, of course. Because for me, it's an important moment. It's crucial that they take measures... and I look at the Federation and LaLiga ".

He also gave the example of the Premier: "It's fine to condemn, but it's not enough. I want action to be taken. And it hasn't been done yet. There are countries where they don't insult you, like England, for example, they resolved it a long time ago time: when they kicked the English out of Europe for five years. They took action. And there may be isolated cases of racism, but there are no police at games in England. Look at that! You look like you're going to war here. Truck over to the side, van to one side, van to one side... but what is this! what is it!" he said indignantly.

Ancelotti criticized the VAR, in line with his club: "I don't know if it's manipulated, or they simply forgot. But it's clear: Vinícius is attacked by the goalkeeper and then by Hugo Duro. And if they attack you, you defend yourself. to leave... I believe that stopping the game could be a good solution. But I repeat: it is an important moment to take measures. For the institutions to act in an important way".

Asked if he doesn't regret not having sent his players to the locker room at Mestalla, Ancelotti said: "It's something I've thought about, yes. I asked the footballer if he wanted to continue and the referee asked him to do so, so that option ended there. But of course it's a possibility. Hopefully I never have to do it, because I don't want to; there is a judge who is responsible for making that decision. Hopefully. But... it's a possibility."

The coach ruled out Vinícius leaving Madrid: "I think not because he loves Real Madrid very much. That does not go through his head. We will see the sanction he has and we will value giving him more or less rest days. If he loses two games, I'll give him a week's vacation so he can be ready against Athletic. And if he loses a game, he'll play in Seville."

All the questions at the press conference were about Vinícius.