Adam Toledo Recalled by Household as Type, Humorous teen in Aftermath of Deadly police shooting

Adam Toledo Recalled by Household as Type, Humorous teen in Aftermath of Deadly police shooting

18 April 2021 Sunday 06:58
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Adam Toledo Recalled by Household as Type, Humorous teen in Aftermath of Deadly police shooting

Lupita Perez can not bear to see the entire body camera footage which reveals the last moments of her uncle's lifetime, when 13-year-old Adam Toledo had been captured and murdered with a Chicago police officer.

In a telephone call with ABC News Saturday, two weeks following the the footage has been released, Perez, 29, said that the teenager's family is totally distraught over his departure, which has ignited protests in Small Village, in which he lived and was murdered on March 29.

Officers responding to this area following reports of gunshots shortly before 3 pm that afternoon struck Adam Toledo and Ruben Roman, 21, authorities said. Both conducted, and the teenager was taken after a foot pursuit.

Police originally described the episode as an"armed confrontation" Body camera footage reveals an officer shout to stop, reveal his palms and also"drop it," then shoot the teenager in the chest once he places both of his palms up.

The shooting happened in under one second, police said.

Eric Stillman was identified in the first case incident report since the Chicago Police Department officer who fatally shot the adolescent. He has been placed on administrative duty during the analysis.

All previous efforts to deescalate and earn compliance with each the officers' legal orders had neglected."

Perez stated Adam Toledo's mom, Elizabeth Toledo, will be trusting that the officer is going to be held answerable.

"She just needs justice," Perez explained. "She only needs his name to be cleared since he didn't have his hands up as soon as the cop shot ."

Perez explained Adam Toledo as a"type" and"humorous" child who loved to laugh. She remembered he would play her 7-year-old daughter Kaylah's dolls to create Kaylah laugh.

Jael composed a letter he read Adam Toledo's personal funeral and was buried together with his casket,'' Perez explained. Adam could have done things. ... Our children would have been best buddies. Yes, you might be gonebut you'll be forever in our hearts"

Marco Toledo Jr., Adam's eldest brother, recalled that the seventh-grader since the"most loving and affectionate little child" he understood.

Within an email to ABC News, Marco Toledo, 22, stated one of his favourite memories of his own brother was when he got his first automobile, Adam and Anthony would constantly wish to help clean it.

The teenager was a fan of zombie films.

Marco Toledo just purchased a home outside Chicago and has been looking forward to getting his little brothers for sleepovers.

"Being the oldest of these boys, I've always wanted better for the brothers and my older sister," he explained.

He said that his last memory of his brother is he"all joyful," leaping around because he ate pizza.

Amid the continuing evaluation, Marco Toledo defended his younger brother, stating that he"was not a poor child like everybody says he had been "

"Us being small children, most of us made mistakes. Why? Because no adolescent and no individual is great," he explained. "No matter what, all of us have our flaws and errors we've made as children still do till this afternoon. Regardless of what people say, kids will be kids and will make errors, however, will learn from them something my little brother did not get the opportunity to do."

Adam Toledo


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