Activists take over Washington Resort to Need Home for Displaced during Outbreak

Olympia Mayor Cheryl Selby known as the team's actions an"unproductive" strategy.

02 February 2021 Tuesday 11:16
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Activists take over Washington Resort to Need Home for Displaced during Outbreak

Olympia authorities said about 11 a.m., approximately 45 members of this team Oly Housing Currently, a few of whom were armed with hatchets, batons and knives also had gas masks, goggles and helmets, accumulated out the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia and forced their way indoors.

Oly Housing recently published a statement where it maintained that the members took the resort to get"emergency pandemic housing," and wanted that the city cover rooms with Federal Emergency Management Agency financing.

"It is too cold for people to be sleeping on the roads," the announcement read.

The resort's staff called 911 after they said that they"felt under threat from the bunch, which a worker was allegedly attacked," according to the authorities. The team of seven sheltered at the hotel's basement for the remainder of the day and early night while the activists took the resort.

Prior to the protest, the team had booked and paid for 17 rooms, they utilized to house individuals experiencing homelessness, according to the authorities. Guests in 40 rooms sheltered in position throughout the episode, authorities said.

Officers eventually escorted the team from the construction later in the evening and moved floor by ground clearing out the resort. The people without homes who were residing in the resorts were correlated with the town's social services, according to the authorities.

They won't be permitted to stay at the resort," the authorities said in a statement.

Jelcick explained the team supposedly recruited about 30 individuals from homeless encampments across town to keep in these chambers, telling these people that they might remain in the chambers indefinitely.

No homeless person was billed related to the episode, authorities said.

Agents from Oly Housing Now didn't immediately return messages for comment. A spokeswoman for the Red Lion Hotel series said the company was in contact with the owner of the Olympia resort and they're working with officials in their search.

In a statement to the media Sunday, Olympia Mayor Cheryl Selby explained the town is taking its own homelessness problem seriously.

"Olympia has directed on reacting to homelessness, on coordinating shelter and other essential requirements," she explained in a statement. "The strategies used now by Oly Housing are unproductive and will not make the assignment more viable."