A third of Spaniards earn less than 1,366 euros gross per month

30% of wage earners earn less than 1,366.

Thomas Osborne
Thomas Osborne
29 November 2022 Tuesday 11:44
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A third of Spaniards earn less than 1,366 euros gross per month

30% of wage earners earn less than 1,366.5 euros gross per month, according to data from the EPA deciles published this Tuesday by the INE. The figure is far from the state average of 2,086.8 euros, which is at the highest in a series that began in 2006 and has been rising for five years.

In 2021, the average salary grew 2.4%, somewhat below the 2.8% of 2020. In this way, there was a significant loss of purchasing power, since inflation closed 2021 at 6.7% , almost triple.

According to Statistics data, 40% of wage earners (6.64 million) earned between 1,366.5 and 2,342.2 euros gross per month in 2021, while 30% (4.98 million people) obtained remunerations of at least 2,342.2 euros per month. The remaining 30% (4.98 million employees) were below the 1,366.5 euros quoted.

Among the 4.98 million wage earners who received the lowest wages, more than 3.3 million earned less than 1,166.49 euros gross per month in their main job, while 1.66 million earned less than 857.21 euros, by being employed in part-time positions.

In this sense, according to the type of working day among full-time employees, 19.4% received less than 1,366.5 euros. On the contrary, 89.1% of part-time wage earners earned less than 1,366.5 euros per month, a much higher figure.

The average gross salary of full-time workers reached 2,313.1 euros per month in 2021, almost three times more than part-time employees (830.4 euros), although the gap in hours must be taken into account in these differences worked between both groups.

According to INE data, women, young people, people with a lower level of training, workers with less seniority in companies and those temporarily hired have the lowest salaries.

In women, four out of ten (40%) received a salary of less than 1,366.5 euros per month, compared to one in five men (20%). One of the reasons that explain the salary differences by sex is that women work in a greater proportion than men in part-time jobs, with temporary contracts, and in lower-paid branches of activity, according to Statistics.

Among young people under 25 years of age, the percentage that earns less than 1,366.5 euros per month reaches 63%, a figure that drops to 24.6% among wage earners who are 55 years of age or older. Overall, the average gross salary of young people was 1,234.9 euros per month in 2021, almost half that of those over 55 (2,348.5 euros).

There is also a salary gap depending on the type of contract. Thus, the average monthly salary of permanent workers (2,251.8 euros in 2021) is 41.9% higher than that of temporary workers (1,586.2 euros).