The investigative court 4 of Sabadell is investigating the leadership of the city’s Bar Association for crimes of embezzlement, influence peddling and corruption, as reported by TV3 and confirmed by collegiate sources.

The objective is to clarify whether a group of lawyers on duty billed amounts much higher than usual.

The causes would have been, mainly, the accumulation of a much higher number of guards than other lawyers, but also exaggerated charges for certain concepts.

The Sabadell Bar Association defends itself against the accusations of two lawyers who “in their individual capacity” have denounced the leadership of the entity for alleged irregular billings by a group of lawyers on duty duty, to whom more guards would have been assigned. of the usual ones, according to the complainants.

The College “flatly” denies the accusations and defends the management of the appointments of the official shift and the guards.

In this sense, the College details that the process is “fully automated” through an intranet to “encourage transparency”, guarantee “equality” between the different members and avoid “the possibility of transgressing the regulations”.

However, the College assures that the complaints are only an “attempt to discredit the image and honorability” of the institution and recalls that the institution undergoes annual audits to evaluate the management of the office shift to determine the level of implementation and compliance with the requirements of the reference standards and regulations “without any dysfunction or anomaly having ever been detected”.

However, the Association does not hide that last year there were indications that three lawyers had exceeded the average billing for the legal shift. Given this situation, the College itself explains that the facts were brought to the attention of the Department of Justice and the Catalan Bar Council and information proceedings were opened so that those affected could justify their financial allocations.

This procedure has not been closed and is currently in the processing phase and pending resolution.