"Jörg Schröder: books as "onanism"products"

A self-beautiful big mouth, the shoots verbally against anyone who pods him word, no matter from left or right at the feet of spitting. Not an easy conversation

"Jörg Schröder: books as "onanism"products"

A self-beautiful big mouth, the shoots verbally against anyone who pods him word, no matter from left or right at the feet of spitting. Not an easy conversation

30 October 2018 Tuesday 08:31
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A self-beautiful big mouth, the shoots verbally against anyone who pods him word, no matter from left or right at the feet of spitting. Not an easy conversation partner, this former publisher Jörg Schröder, is read in many texts. One of the as a "porn king" (whoa!) applied have, because he in addition to journalistic milestones of the avant-garde by the way, frivolous book, as a rule, the rights of "onanism products", issued, and therefore temporarily a lot of money made and the Jaguar drove. All this and much more was it to him – in certain circles, not just flattering a-meaning – nickname of the "Springer of the Left". It will definitely be exciting, I think, as I am far too early on his doorstep, close to the cars-lashed the Federal square in Berlin.

Since I have stayed here once in the vicinity, I know that it is a few footsteps further in Friedenau – gets a little quieter, in the former "seal colony", the Max Frisch, Erich Kästner, Günter Grass, Uwe Johnson, and many others were once populated. "Today is an area in the saturated square of their wild youth to dream afterwards, and Tibetan prayer flags on the balconies flutter is Friedenau", ranted Schröder with his wife, Barbara, calendar in your 2011 published memory book "Always radically, never consistently". In time I'm going klingele with the Elevator until just under the roof.

Barbara calendar open Smile, the door of the apartment with a beam, Jörg Schröder stands with a smile behind her – increased a little in the hallway, since you have a few steps up. "He will be on time, we have asked ourselves, and the way to bet", calls Barbara the calendar, not to mention the Shaking of the hands and forgets, who have won now. The two are inseparable – since 1980, a Few (with an age difference of nearly 20 years) – lead me immediately in schröder's work room off from the hallway to the left.

You enter a weapons storage site, from top to bottom with those "yellow bombs" crammed, like the "time"Journalist Dieter E. Zimmer in 1972, called the books of Jörg schröder's former March-publishing. At one time, as the detonators in fact, on sharp, every single copy from the assortment of the former German Republican spirit world would at any time be able to fly around the ears. Now you are disarmed in the shelves, peaceful, the lights of Schröder's self-designed, bright-yellow envelopes with the unmistakably brutal ballistic red and black font in the midday sun that falls in through the window.

A room full of drugs, Bibles

they are All there: Rolf Dieter Brinkmann, "One flew over the cuckoo's nest", the legendary "ACID"collection of 1969 with hitherto unknown texts by Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs, John Cage, or the American literary critic Leslie A. Fiedler, the brought some of the antiquated denkendem German once the post-modern closer. And of course, here in addition to all these hetero - and Homo-sexual education fonts, the drug Bibles, the many Leonard-Cohen-books or the not only of Susan Sontag estimated Sadomasochistic novel "The story of O." Bernward Vesper's "The journey".

because of him or because of Vesper's Ex-Lover, Gudrun Ensslin, and I'm not arrived (even if their names will be dropped later). But because of this autobiographical, egomaniacal and picaresque novel "Siegfried", which was published in 1972. On the Internet you can buy the book in the trashy expenditure antiquarian. Also I was recommended the "cult book" that is worthy of the genre name, exceptionally, years ago.

"Siegfried," you can buy in the bookstore. Hardcover velvet ribbon bookmark and a few blackened Spots that remained from the former process shaft left (because a few in the book Referred to on your Toes feel). Almost more important is the Annex: a 170-page, with many photos, facsimiles, and sources of enriched biography, written by Barbara calendar.

He earned with porn, a lot of money

Because of the "Siegfried" is the story of a not even half-life from 1938 to 1972. Jörg Schröder has told his friend, the writer Ernst Herhaus. They sat together for 14 days, respectively, Schroeder was with the injured leg in bed. "I want to tell you my life in this pile of shit they call culture, I tell on the tape, and you write," recalls Herhaus in his relentless alcoholic confession "surrender" (1977). And so these records were to be "Siegfried".

it All starts in Pankow, where Schröder is born, not far from the end of the Berlin sewage system. It was, in fact, shit. Then it goes over the "green border" to the Rhineland, where the young Schröder begins a Bookseller. "I moved between the book merchants of culture, Schauspielmuff, half of the world jazz scene. I slept so well like never. Emotional relationships with girls there was none. When I realized that I had a girl's chances of back wich I. Hookers fascinate me.“ Schröder works as a valued flaps copywriter at Kiepenheuer & Witsch, then goes to Melzer after Darmstadt, a Judaica specialist Mini-publisher.

Schroeder out there, but those "story of O." – the alleged dirty literature, which was at that time, if at all, only under the Hand. The scandal is that the financial success. Nevertheless, it comes to a break with the publisher, Schröder draws with the workforce brazenly in the basement and is founded in March 1969 in March, as publisher, later also the German Version of the French Olympic Press (the one with the porn and Nabokov's "Lolita").

fighters for literature

The March to the publisher three times, and bust (1987 was the last Time), money comes in and melts away, a castle close to Frankfurt, this was supposed to be a kind of Warhol-cal Factory, is sold, Schröder suffers various attacks and fights against the old Nazis, and some of the new Left: "the Left in this country would be better if you would have waxed from time to time, time to correct pornography, rather than only on Karl Marx", also in "Siegfried". Schröder never ceases to fight for the literature he loves.

all of This is only a fragmentary summary, you should read it yourself. Or, as Schroeder puts at lunch in his loft-like multi-function living room: "Now I have done that to you but probably the ear!" There is, incidentally, pumpkin seed soup and fried lamb fillet from the Greek supermarket to eat, which leaves us, once again, to stray from the topic. Of what subject? This is the top loser count the two earned in each of the last three decades, but their money, to survive, "flat breathing".

Four times a year a Band "Schroeder appeared to be told", which was purchased by about 400 subscribers. Lovingly bound, and made you have the books themselves. Therefore, the large, high room that could be repurposed as a work space quickly for production. "A mentality history of the Federal Republic" should arise.

"We were sitting on the Sofa in the evening," says Barbara calendar, "and have told us everything before we ate, of course, good and drunk ('Good wine!', throws Schröder).“ Never be stimulated to have been quite sober, "but always". Now is the end of it. What began with the first volume of "lucky", which ended this year after almost 4000 pages with "The God of good Fortune". In it plant "For the production of art – be it literature, art or music – is the iron principle: the artist and the artist that their work is perfect, then you should not retouch."

Yes, what you have to ask? The drill helps, because überhörbar it's pounding in the neighboring apartment. "The Berlin situation, everywhere is renovated," says Schröder. "The house has been sold to any Investor. But we have a relatively secure tenancy agreement, we can stay here ten years.“ In Berlin, affordable housing seems to be the most important of all political questions. Less the break-up of the company, because of the refugee policy. "We have seen for a long time in advance, we have been told is a result of 'Schroeder' on the Migration.

A guy who has made our window, telling us in all its naivety, and with all its Pride, how he rates tried, his cousin and one of his brothers to marry, and this cousin, he escaped then.“ Then you would have a digression on the former guest workers in Germany, had always been rather easy on this story. "I'm someone who loves people, very simple," he says in a gentle voice. No, a big mouth, he is no more. Now the March to take care of Schröder to the estate inventory has long been sold to the German literature archive in Marbach. Also your "taz"-the Blog will still run for a while. "I can't afford to die."

In the evening sun, I am back in front of the front door. The car I'll be better, we had almost three bottles of wine for Lunch. The sounds told of life, a beautiful. 24. October Jörg Schröder is 80 years old.

Jörg Schröder told Ernst Herhaus Siegfried. Schöffling & co., 544 S., geb., 28 €.

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