Covid-19 : closure of schools, vaccination, restrictions expanded... check the ads Emmanuel Macron

Closure of schools, the extension of the measures applied in the 19 counties in vigilance, acceleration of the vaccination... In its seventh presidential addres

Covid-19 : closure of schools, vaccination, restrictions expanded... check the ads Emmanuel Macron

Closure of schools, the extension of the measures applied in the 19 counties in vigilance, acceleration of the vaccination... In its seventh presidential addres

31 mart 2021 Wednesday 20:39
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Covid-19 : closure of schools, vaccination, restrictions expanded... check the ads Emmanuel Macron

Closure of schools, the extension of the measures applied in the 19 counties in vigilance, acceleration of the vaccination... In its seventh presidential address devoted to the epidemiological situation in France, Emmanuel Macron has decided, Wednesday, march 31, in the face of the third wave of Covid-19, and has set a " new course ", less than two weeks after the implementation of the strategy " to brake without locking up ".

So that more than 5,000 patients are in the icu, beyond the peak of the second wave of November, the French were waiting for the arbitration of the head of State, after a defence council, which was held Wednesday morning. Emmanuel Macron has called " the mobilization of everyone." "The virus is more contagious, but also more deadly," said the head of State, stating that " 44 % of patients in the icu have today, less than 65 years ".

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After thanking the staff, Emmanuel Macron has announced the increase of the capacity of beds for intensive care, for getting to about 10 000 beds.

" To increase still further the number of people in the intensive care unit without too much change, [the caregivers] will be supported by additional reinforcements. The number of beds in the icu has already been brought to 7,000. We want to mount our capacity to a little over 10,000 beds in the next few days. "

counting the sick with Covid, and the other, nearly nine beds resuscitation in 10 (6 833 7 665 at the date of 26 march) are currently occupied, according to the ministry of health, which states that " the scale of the building continues in all regions ".

Extension to the whole of the metropolitan territory of the measures already in force in 19 departments

The rules in force in the 19 counties in vigilance – closure of certain businesses, preventing them from travelling more than 10 km, except in certain conditions which go up to 30 km away from home... – will be extended from Saturday for four weeks to the whole of the territory of metropolitan france. The curfew in 19 hours will be "kept around" and telework will be " systematized ".

" no More metropolitan region today is no exception. Everyone has to make sure not to lock themselves in, but to minimise contact, the meetings, " said Emmanuel Macron. In other hand, the decision does not apply to overseas territories " where the virus is circulating less."

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The certificate will not be required in day to travel beyond 10 km from the home. "Some were campaigning for the widespread return of the certificate. We have not included this, because the behavior of a few should not limit all the world, ruled Emmanuel Macron. Controls will be strengthened, but we want to make the choice of the responsibility. "

A tolerance will also be seen this weekend : "The citizens who want to change the region to isolate will be able to do this Easter weekend," said Emmanuel Macron, stating that " the French and the French citizens abroad who want to return to France will also be able to do it all the time ".

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kindergartens, schools, colleges, and high schools will be closed for three to four weeks from Friday evenings and school holidays-spring will be unified across the French territory, from 12 April to help curb the epidemic of Covid-19, announced by president Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday.

The week of April 6 to April 12, "the courses for schools, colleges and high schools will be at home," said the president except " for the children of caregivers, and a few other professions, as well as children in a situation of disability.

It will be followed by two weeks of vacation from April 12, for all areas, before the start of school on the 26th of April in physics for schools, and in distanciel, an additional week, for colleges and high schools.

The president has shown the willingness of the government to close the least time possible schools. "Yes, the virus is circulating in the institutions but not more than elsewhere, and the education of our children is not negotiable, the school is not negotiable," said Emmanuel Macron.

These past few days, the calls for the closure of schools, "of the major places of the contamination," says the professor Antoine Flahault, director of the Institute of global health of the university of Geneva, are multiplied in the educational environment and the political class.

The tribune : "The health situation in the schools endanger the safety of our response to the epidemic," The devices of aid extended

"As for the past year, and the accompanying economic and social will be at the rendez-vous," assured Mr. Macron. "Parents should keep their children and can't telecommute will be entitled to partial unemployment, and for employees and traders, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and enterprises, all the devices currently in effect will be extended ", he detailed.

The extension of the closures of businesses to the whole of the territory will bring the number of closed institutions of 90 000 to 150 000, while the total cost of the aid and compensation to firms is increased to 11 billion euros a month, said on Wednesday the ministry of economy. This amount includes the total cost of the solidarity fund, short-time work for the State and exemptions from social contributions, including for those facilities that remain open but are strongly affected by the crisis.

Acceleration of the vaccination

More than ever, Emmanuel Macron account on a massive arrival of the vaccine by April in order to overcome the crisis, following the example of the United Kingdom, who begins to return to a normal life. So far, approximately 8.2 million first doses, and 2.8 million seconds have been injected in France.

"250 000 professionals are now ready to participate in the campaign of vaccination with vaccines AstraZeneca and tomorrow Pfizer," said the head of State, who said the timing of the vaccination of the population. Vaccination against Covid-19 will be extended to all persons over the age of 60 years on the 16th of April, and then to all those over the age of 50 on may 15. "A special edition will be made available to make an appointment-you ",-he specified. "Starting in mid-June, the appointment will be open to all French and French under the age of 50 years," added the head of State. The president reiterated his promise to vaccinate " by the end of the summer, all of the French over the age of 18 who want it ".

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The president has raised the possibility of a primer for the reopening of the cultural places, in mid-may, and will propose a timetable for re-opening by the summer of " for the culture, sport, leisure, event management, our cafes and restaurants ".

The prime minister, Jean Castex, to pronounce on Thursday, a statement, which will be followed by a debate and a vote in both houses of Parliament " on the evolution of the health situation ". "This debate will be held in the morning at the national Assembly and the Senate in the afternoon," said the prime minister, adding that it was done on the basis of article 50-1 of the Constitution, which does not engage the responsibility of the government.

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