7 Mexican family members are killed in Mexico home shooting

Mexico authorities have confirmed Monday that seven members of the same family were murdered in Mexico.

05 July 2022 Tuesday 06:21
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7 Mexican family members are killed in Mexico home shooting

Mexico authorities have confirmed Monday that seven members of the same family were murdered in Mexico. This comes at a time President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is under increasing scrutiny for his security policies.

According to the prosecutor's office, three women and four men were killed at their Boca del Rio home in Veracruz's eastern state. Veronica Hernandez Giadans, the state attorney general, stated that "there will not be impunity."

According to AFP, they belonged to a single family who owned a chain of butcher shops. A source from the National Guard did not want to be identified.

Since 2006, when Mexico created the army to combat drug cartels, more than 340,000 people have been killed.

The government attributes most of the deaths to gangs that are involved in drug trafficking, fuel theft and kidnapping.

Since two Jesuit priests were killed and a tour guide was murdered in Chihuahua on June 27, questions about Lopez Obrador’s security strategy have grown.

Lopez Obrador, Lopez Obrador, and two other alleged drug dealers were captured in Sonora's northwestern state. Lopez Obrador reported Monday that one of the soldiers died in the operation.

He stood by his security policy which focuses on the root causes of violence and poverty.

Lopez Obrador stated, "We are certain that violence cannot face with violence."

He said it was a serious mistake for Mexico to have "declared War on Crime" in 2006 under Felipe Calderon, then its president.

Mexico's Roman Catholic Council of Bishops called Monday for parishes to post photos of deceased priests and nuns in their churches and hold mass for all those who have been killed by gang-fueled violence.

After the murders of the priests, tour guide and tour guide on June 20, special celebrations were called for throughout July. The suspect in those murders has been identified by authorities as a Sinaloa cartel-affiliated local gang boss. Jose Noriel Portillo Gil alias "El Chueco" is being sought for the 2018 murder of a tourist from America.

The reward for information leading the arrest of the priests' killer was $250,000 by state prosecutors. According to the office, it was the largest reward ever offered by the state in its history. The suspect is still at large.

The council also asked the faithful to pray for the conversion of or redemption of the murderers on July 31.

Another priest claimed that he was beaten in violence-plagued Michoacan over the weekend.

Rev. Rev. According to the priest, he did not know of any motive for the attack on Querendaro on June 29, and said that the man seemed irrational.

The Council of Bishops sent an open letter to the government on June 24 stating that it was time for a review of security policies that were failing.

Rev. Javier Campos (79), and Rev. Joaquin Mora (80) - Joaquin Mora had spent most of his life serving the Indigenous people of the Sierra Tarahumara Mountains. The small Cerocahui church was the place where the Jesuits were killed.

According to the Catholic Multimedia Center, seven priests were killed by the current administration. The former president took office in 2012, and there were at least two dozen under his predecessor. Three priests were murdered in Mexico in one week in 2016.

This report was contributed by The Associated Press.



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